Our experience in advising major landowners, including several landed estates, means that we understand the challenges that you face and the solutions that you need to find.

We can help you to protect your land for future use, including potential development. Our planning and environmental teams can deal with long-term issues, as well as more immediate ones. We are often recommended by surveyors and others to advise landowners on the grant of option or promotion agreements with house builders and others or on the sale of development land.

Our team can meet with you to discuss your requirements and spend time with you to design strategic and tactical solutions that support what you need to achieve. This can include advice in areas such as:

  • Protecting land;
  • Developing land – for example developing outbuildings for commercial use;
  • Liaising with construction companies and dealing with construction contracts;
  • Planning issues;
  • Quarrying and mineral extraction;
  • Joint ventures, franchising and other commercial agreements;
  • Property disputes.

More information is available below. You can also visit our Real Estate pages.

Our team

Andrew Latchmore


Real Estate

Direct Line +44 (0)113 297 8067

Michael Watson


Head of Property Litigation

Direct Line +44 (0)113 297 1850

Amanda Beresford


Head of Planning

Direct Line +44 (0)113 297 8070