Our Landowner team consists of lawyers who are experienced in advising on both the management of estates and the management of personal wealth and succession.

We are conscious of the complexities of managing estates and land holdings and we have brought together a specialist team to advise and support clients in this area. This works well and means that we have many happy clients whom we advise across all their land and personal affairs.

Your land and real estate

Our experience in advising major landowners, including farmers and landed estates, means that we understand your aspirations, challenges and opportunities as well the solutions that will work best for you.

We can help you to protect your land for future use, including maximising potential for development and income generation.

Our team will meet with you to discuss and understand your requirements and will spend time with you to design strategic and tactical solutions that support your objectives. This can include advice in areas such as:

  • Protecting land from third party rights and other risks;
  • Disposing of or developing land – for residential or commercial use;
  • Managing land – for example, tenancies, licences, mineral rights and sporting rights;
  • Events and public access (including health and safety);
  • HR issues and management of estate employees;
  • Liaising with construction companies and dealing with construction contracts;
  • Planning issues;
  • Environmental issues including regulatory compliance;
  • Quarrying and mineral extraction;
  • Renewable energy;
  • Joint ventures, franchising and other commercial agreements;
  • Telecommunications masts; and
  • Property disputes.

We are particularly well known for our commercial approach. Many of our clients want to secure planning permission for development on agricultural land, in order to realise the enhanced value in the most effective way. We also advise on projects involving regeneration.

This work includes aspects of specialist planning; environmental law; energy and renewable energy advice, in addition to property and development advice.

This is a stand-out approach – we are able to bring to the table an in-depth understanding of the development process and market. This enables us to structure long-term agreements between landowners and developers in a way that gives the flexibility required by the developer whilst maintaining the involvement of, and a measure of control for landowners (including the often important desire to preserve the estate).

You and your family

Our team of specialist private wealth experts led by Julia Rangecroft has an excellent reputation in advising landowners on all aspects of personal wealth and tax planning. This includes:

  • Succession planning to maximise asset protection (including art and other high-value investments);
  • Creation and management of trusts;
  • Tax efficient structures;
  • Managing interests in family businesses;
  • Structuring the acquisition, disposal and ownership of investments, business interests and property;
  • Coping with illness and incapacity; and
  • Specialist matrimonial advice.

This Private Wealth team incorporates our Contentious Trusts and Estates and Private Client Services and offers private client advisory and private capital transactional support services to our agricultural and landowning clients. This includes advice on the establishment of family investment companies, family partnerships, setting up family partnerships, and restructuring business models and trusts.

Our team

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