Compliance/HSE Officer

Health and safety compliance – like other regulatory requirements – is vital to the success of your company.

If you aren’t compliant then you cannot trade or operate. Likewise your organisation’s ability to trade and operate can be severely compromised if you have breached health and safety regulations or if you are under investigation by the HSE.

Our team can support you and take you through all of the requirements, including:

  • Support on training and preventative measures;
  • Ensuring that you are compliant and providing support in maintaining compliance within the budget available to you (including fee for intervention issues);
  • Helping you to deal with HSE inspections including on-site support when the HSE are with you;
  • Supporting you in the aftermath of accidents and incidents.

For further information, please visit our Environmental & Regulatory pages.

Our team

Lyn Dario


Head of Environmental & Regulatory

Direct Line +44 (0)113 297 3779

Richard Wadkin


Road Transport

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Amanda Beresford



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Ian Dawson


Employment & HR

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