Supervising Solicitor Services

A court will not permit you to serve and execute a search order without a supervising solicitor being present.

It is the role of the supervising solicitor to serve the order on the respondent(s), provide explanations as to the meaning and effect of the order in everyday language, and supervise your carrying out of the order.

Our approach

The service and execution of a search order is a demanding process, particularly in respect of co-ordinated multi-site searches.

Our broad experience means we are able to handle the complex legal, technical and practical issues that may arise during the course of executing a search order.

Following execution of the search, we will continue fulfilling our duties to the court with respect to overseeing the process of interrogating any electronic devices and the documents within those, reporting comprehensively to the court and complying with directions and any further orders made.

Our expertise

Our solicitors have the skills and ability to act as supervising solicitors on behalf of law firms throughout the country.

The members of our team have experience in dealing with search orders, whether as supervising solicitors or in advising our own clients in cases concerning intellectual property infringement, breach of employment contracts and post-termination restrictions, and the taking of data and commercially-sensitive and confidential information.

We are able to quickly assemble a team to suit your particular needs, including where the respondent to a search order may be an unaccompanied female and where children and vulnerable individuals may be present.

Our team

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