Training your People

Our team has extensive experience of delivering hands-on, practical and interactive training workshops to management and senior leadership teams on all aspects of food sector law and regulations. Ian Dawson, who heads the Shulmans employment team, explains further.

Can you provide examples of the areas that the Shulmans team can cover?

We cover the following three key areas:

  • Essential employment and HR;
  • Commercial skills for key people;
  • Regulatory and compliance matters for key people.

Do you provide this training at our offices or elsewhere?

We are happy to provide training at your offices, at our offices, or a mix of both. It will depend on the number of people involved. For example, if there are a significant number of key people involved it may be more convenient for training to be delivered on-site at your premises.

What can we expect to get out of the training?

We can tailor the training to suit your requirements. We provide high-level overviews of each of the three areas highlighted above; equally, we can get into more detail by dividing each heading into modules or groups of modules to suit your business needs.

The following are examples of headings and modules that we can cover:

Employment and HR training

  • Setting up and managing processes for successful recruitment, interview and selection;
  • Managing performance;
  • Effective management of sickness absence;
  • Managing shift patterns and hours of work;
  • Managing agency arrangements;
  • Preparing to transfer under TUPE;
  • Effective management of disciplinary and grievances;
  • Equal opportunities and discrimination law in the workplace;
  • Managing staff status (agency, casuals, self-employed, employed, seasonal, etc.);
  • Our team also provides on-site training and/or audits for Agency Worker Regulations and GLA compliance.

Commercial staff training

  • Trading documentation and terms and conditions;
  • Contracting and outsourcing (including specialist IT contracts);
  • Credit control;
  • Effective tendering;
  • Intellectual property and brand management.

Essential Regulatory/Compliance staff training

Do your colleagues, whether operators, directors or managers, know what your company’s rights and responsibilities are? Do they understand their personal duties under legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974?

No matter how good your systems are, it is surprising how often people forget their training when a crisis strikes. We can provide bespoke training that dovetails with your systems and which will reinforce, at a practical level, what you expect everyone to do. Directors and senior managers often find this type of training particularly useful.

We also explain the lawyer’s role in incident management. Lawyers are unique in having the protection of legal privilege, which means that your communications with us are not disclosable to the regulators. This means that we can help you get to the nub of an incident without creating a paper trail that may compromise you later in the process – if we are involved at an early stage.

Some of the topics we can cover are:

  • The dos and don'ts of incident investigation and report preparation;
  • The duties and responsibilities of directors, senior managers and employees;
  • The powers of regulators – what you must do, but also what rights you have, and when you can say “no”;
  • Statements and PACE interviews – what they are, and what their implications can be for the company and individuals within it;
  • Giving evidence;
  • How you can minimise the risk of enforcement action.

Our team

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Employment & HR

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