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Ian Dawson, who heads the Shulmans employment team, answers some of the questions you may have.

We employ people under a wide variety of contracts and employment types on various shifts and rates of pay. In response to increasing customer demands, we need to ensure we are running a flexible and cost-effective workforce. How can you help us achieve that?

Our team works very closely with clients within the industry, reviewing their use of labour and staffing structures and successfully delivering change while reducing the risks of doing so.

Whether your business is seeking to align disparate shift rates and patterns, benefits and terms, is considering the use of agency, casuals or seasonal staff or is looking to undertake a site relocation, we can help you to deliver these staffing changes whilst leading you along the correct pathway through related employment laws.

We are about to win a new contract for supply, do we need to take the staff with it?

Our team are specialists in handling contract transfers and related employment issues. We have notable successes in both simplifying the complex law in this area and using it to our clients’ advantage to put them in the very best position we can.

Whether your business is taking on new contracts or exiting existing contracts, we can help you by coming into the business and assessing the situation both on the ground and in law, helping you make the right decisions to reduce your employment-related risks and liabilities upon transfer either in or out of customer contracts, whilst properly budgeting and planning for such contractual wins or losses.

We know that the correct advice and practical assessment in these cases can make or break a contract and a business.

What about day-to-day support, can you help us with our general HR and employee needs?

Yes. We have a sizeable team which is capable of handling all day-to-day HR and employee issues, right up to advocacy at the Employment Tribunal. We have fixed-price advice packages with our insurance partners too. In short, we help clients within the industry at every level.

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