Redevelopment - Mast Removal

We asked Michael Watson, a partner in Shulmans’ telecoms team, to tell us more about the option of seeking the removal of a telecoms mast for redevelopment purposes.

What sort of work does Shulmans do in this area?

The removal of phone masts to facilitate property redevelopment requires very specific experience and expertise to succeed in this complicated area of the law.

Our team has secured vacant possession for numerous redevelopments across the country, including many high profile multi-million pound projects in Central London.

Often, the removal of telecoms equipment from a property is both time critical and fundamental to the success of the redevelopment.  Shulmans have a proven track record of delivering results.

What types of clients does your telecoms team act for?

We act for numerous local authorities, police commissioners, educational institutions, housing associations, property investors and developers, pension funds and private companies/individuals in this area.

Can you talk us through an example of your success in this field?

Our capability in this field is perhaps best illustrated by our involvement in the Bournville Retirement Village case.

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