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Whether you are a commercial property investor, developer, landlord or tenant, we have the skills, expertise and breadth of experience to help you in all matters relating to property.

Services for commercial landlords and tenants

Property is usually considered to be an asset, but there are also significant risks associated with owning and occupying it. These risks may come in many forms, for example the liability of a tenant to repair property under the terms of their lease or problems that may arise in relation to rights of access.

Our property liigation team specialises in the management of risks and the resolution of disputes arising in connection with the ownership and occupation of property. We work with our clients to be proactive in the identification of risks and then to put in place strategies to mitigate them. Where disputes are unavoidable, we can take proceedings before the full range of courts and tribunals. In relation to any issue or dispute we work with our client to identify their strategic and commercial objectives and then plan and implement a strategy to deliver solutions to their property related problems.

Many firms will claim to have property litigation specialists when in reality those lawyers may undertake other areas of work, such as commercial litigation. Our solicitors engaged on property dispute resolution and risk management undertake only this type of work. A number have previously worked at some of the larger national law firms and bring a great depth of experience available to our clients at very competitive rates.

If you have a property problem and want to talk about a possible solution our team would be pleased to have an initial discussion with you to explore how we may assist.

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