Harnessing technology developments and opportunities to transform your business is a key part of many growth and development plans these days.

This is where our Commercial team can add real value right from the outset with strategic input to ensure you are achieving your key objectives with the structure chosen for your IT project. Let our team guide you through this fast-paced area of law to ensure your project stays on track.

The Commercial team’s work on IT encompasses the following key areas:

  • IT procurement - both hardware and software;
  • IT consultancy services;
  • managed services;
  • SaaS/PaaS provision;
  • licensing arrangements;
  • escrow arrangements;
  • reseller agreements;
  • software and website development;
  • e-commerce and website terms of use; and
  • app development.

What clients say about the Commercial team

“My charitable business has received excellent quality and affordable information and advice from Shulmans Commercial and Employment teams since 2011” - Leeds Centre for Integrated Living

“The service was excellent and the level of information given was made very clear to us.”

Our team

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Head of Commercial

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