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We asked Richard Wadkin, Head of Road Transport, to answer some key questions relating to risks and compliance.

We are keen to avoid any prosecutions – either involving our company or our drivers – how best can we achieve this?

Even the very best run organisations may not be able to avoid prosecutions but action can be taken to make it as rare as possible. So the systems that you have in place and ensuring they are followed are key.

How do we know what systems we need?

As a starting point, whether you are operating vehicles under an operator’s licence or not, the undertakings given on signing an application form for a licence identify the essential issues which need to be covered.

How do we make sure that the systems are being used properly?

Good systems don’t just need to sound good, they need to be used effectively and the operator needs to take steps to make sure this is happening. Consider an audit of your systems to give an independent view.  We can help with this.

We only operate under a restricted licence so do we need to do everything required of a standard licence holder?

The vehicles operated under a restricted licence are often critical to a business’s health, and even its survival, even though transport is not the core business activity. A qualified transport manager is not needed for a restricted licence but the functions of such a person need to be carried out and with a larger fleet it might be best to engage a transport manager anyway. We can advise on the best approach.

Doesn’t this all add cost to the business?

Yes, it does. But in running any business some costs are essential and trying to avoid any liability, or being able to mitigate its effects if it arises, can be critical. It is true to say that “compliance costs, but non-compliance costs more”.

You can download our Road Transport Services and our Services for Bus and Coach Operators brochures. You can also read various articles published in the specialist trade media on the subject of road transport. Join our Road Transport Group on LinkedIn for advice in this area.

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