Managing Risks around your Products and Premises

Lyn Dario, Head of Environmental & Regulatory, tells us about some of the risks associated with products and premises.

Do we need to carry out fire risk assessments?

You will be responsible if you are in control of the premises that you occupy. The position is relatively straightforward in buildings that are owned or occupied by one business, however, the situation can be more complicated in multi-occupied premises. Always take legal advice if you have been served with an enforcement notice of any type or if the fire authority has indicated that it is intending to bring a prosecution. Early legal intervention is essential in these cases.

My company occupies an old building, parts of which haven’t been refurbished for decades. I have heard that we need to have an asbestos register – is this true?

The most important thing is for you to identify whether there is asbestos on your premises; and, if there is, what steps you need to take to manage this. There are still several thousand deaths every year as a result of exposure to asbestos fibres and it is likely to be trades such as plumbers and electricians (who may be at your premises to carry out what may seem like routine repairs) who are most at risk.

You must be able to demonstrate that you have given them sufficient information to enable them to work safely, and this extends to warning them about the presence of asbestos. Although the duty to manage asbestos has been in force for some years, we are still finding that businesses are often unclear where the responsibility lies. 

We can help you to navigate the legislation and to ensure that you comply.

We manufacture clothing, and we have been contacted by trading standards who say that our labelling is mis-leading. Can you advise us?

Our team has advised businesses across a wide range of sectors on how to comply with product safety legislation – from confectionary to medical equipment. We can provide advice and assistance on how to deal with trading standards and how to protect your business reputation more generally.

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