Health and Safety

Lyn Dario, Head of Environmental & Regulatory, answers some of your questions with regards to health and safety at work.

One of our employees has been seriously injured. What do we need to do?

You should call us as soon as possible!

If the HSE hasn’t already visited your site/premises to investigate, then an inspection is likely to be imminent. You need to ensure that all of your employees who may be involved in the investigation are aware of what HSE inspectors can do and how the process is likely to affect them. You also need to have all the relevant documentation on hand; be prepared to explain your systems; and to deal with questions on employee competence and training (amongst other things). You should also notify your insurers.

We can guide you and provide support for your employees during what can be a difficult and traumatic time.

We have just been served with a costs claim under the Fee for Intervention scheme. What do we do if we don’t agree with the sum that is being claimed?

It is possible to bring an appeal against the notice. It is important to bear in mind that there may be time limits that come into play. Whilst the temptation is to seek to resolve the matter informally with the HSE it is best to take early advice on the merits of your case and an assessment of whether it is worth the time and cost of pursuing an appeal.

How do we know whether we have all the necessary policies and procedures to cover our activities?

We can work with you to review your activities and to help you to identify any gaps. Our experience tells us that it is often the non-core areas of your business where your exposure may be greatest – usually because no-one really appreciates the risks in what are regarded as ancillary or minor operations.

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