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Our environmental and regulatory team are here to help you to cut through red tape so that you can maximise the time spent on your business and providing your customers with the goods or services which they need.

We help companies and organisations stay compliant with environmental and regulatory rules

Described as "strong" by The Legal 500 UK, our environmental and regulatory team, led by Lyn Dario, advises clients on how to manage risk and trade effectively within an often complex and confusing regulatory environment.

The key for us is to ensure that we cut through as much red tape for you as possible so that you can do business both effectively and in a way that complies with environmental and regulatory rules.

Environmental legislation has developed significantly and impacts to a greater or lesser extent on all businesses.  We provide support in the event that the Environment Agency or local authority instigates investigations and can help you stay ahead in this rapidly changing landscape.  For example, we can advise on the regimes applying to the management of waste and end of life vehicles. The team can also advise on the allocation of risk for historic environmental contamination when buying or leasing properties or acquiring other businesses.

We also have extensive experience of health and safety, both in terms of advising on investigations by the Health and Safety Executive as well as on what the law requires and the meaning and status of guidance notes.

When and How and Why to Instruct a Regulatory Lawyer

Lyn Dario, Head of Environmental & Regulatory at Shulmans, talks us through this procedure.


As soon as possible and in any event the minute you have any kind of contact from a regulatory or an enforcement body or authority. If you have been served with an enforcement or other regulatory notice then contact us immediately. We can often end, radically shorten or redirect an investigation to an agreed and satisfactory outcome for clients without a prosecution and the risk and reputational damage that go with this. Doing this will also save you time and money.


Anything you say or any communication (including internal and external emails and SMS texts) are all potential evidence and the regulator is entitled to see them. Only communication with an external solicitor carries with it the benefit of legal privilege and the capacity for ‘without prejudice’ engagement with regulators.

The temptation is often to engage with non-lawyer consultants or to undertake investigation or engage in negotiating with regulators directly. In our experience this is often a costly mistake for your business and for those individuals involved in decision making and engagement.

All regulators understand the need for professional advice and often appreciate professional engagement as a means of effective problem resolution as an alternative to enforcement action.

Don’t get caught out!


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