Risk Management and Crisis Response

Individuals in a wide range of roles are tasked with managing risks and protecting the reputation of their businesses. It is challenging to keep up with changes in law and regulation, and it can be equally as difficult to find time to prioritise and manage risks within your business, particularly if your business activities involve highly regulated activities.

Understanding and managing business risks

Many organisations do not have a clear understanding of the law and regulations that apply to them, how to minimise risks around those legal and regulatory issues, or how to manage a crisis when it arises. Even if the business does have a detailed understanding, but certainly if it doesn’t, it is important to engage with the right legal advisors to support your organisation.

Risk management and legal privilege

While many businesses have adopted some elements of risk management thinking and practice into their business, whether as part of formal standards compliant processes or as part of a less a formal process, often organisations do not fully appreciate when to engage with their lawyers and the importance of legal privilege. Legal privilege allows businesses to gain advice from their lawyers and experts instructed through lawyers on a confidential basis in a way which cannot be used against the business, this allows lawyers to be uniquely placed to provide advice and support on a trusted basis.

How can our lawyers assist with risk management?

Shulmans has considered how legal and regulatory matters fit with business risk management processes. We can help you improve risk identification and legal risk knowledge and will help you to establish better risk mitigation for individuals and your businesses.

Our experienced team assists our clients in improving their procedures for dealing with and managing a crisis. We can help you to establish and train a crisis management team and assist you in engagement with regulators when you need our advice the most.

We also run workshops for clients to assist in the implementation of a risk management process. Our approach to legal and regulatory risk is designed to fit into commonly accepted standards and quality management programmes.

Click here to view our booklet and see how Shulmans can work with you to help you gain a better understanding of risks and how to manage them. 

In a crisis or when a regulator calls contact our Head of Regulatory, Lyn Dario and our crisis management team for a rapid response.

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