Complex and High-Value Disputes

If a dispute is or becomes complicated, or where large sums are involved it is important to get the right strategy for resolving that dispute and achieving the outcome that you need. Our team regularly deals with simple and complex, multi-million pound disputes for clients across a range of sectors and jurisdictions.

We will work with you to identify all the issues and to provide advice on the strategic as well as the legal approach to your case. Complex litigation is often multi-faceted and where appropriate we will recommend other expert advisers (for example, forensic accountants and data analysts). We adopt this approach from the outset of the instruction to ensure that you are receiving the best advice on all of the relevant issues. This allows you to make informed decisions as to how you wish to manage the case, from the outset.

We are aware that cost and budget management are crucial, whether you are a large organisation, an SME, a small business, or an individual. Litigation can be an expensive process and we will work with you to explore the best funding options and we will provide you with regular reports on both the current and projected cost of your case.

Richard Wadkin, who specialises in these types of disputes, answers some of the questions you may have.

How do I know if our dispute is likely to be high value or complex?

Our team will help you with this. By carrying out a thorough analysis of your case as early as possible we will be able to identify and advise on the issues and risks that you may be facing. Our team will assess the best approach to take to your case and advise you on your options and our recommendations. We will work with you so that, with our support, you can make informed decisions about what to do next.

What are the implications of being involved in a complex dispute?

Complex disputes often involve calling in help from a lot of different people. For example, it may be necessary to involve accountants, engineers, IT experts, etc. depending on the nature of your business and the nature and value of the dispute. In addition, in complex matters there is likely to be significant amounts of documentation as well as digital and electronic data. Our team can help you to manage the documentation that is relevant to the case and, if court proceedings are necessary, our team will advise you as to your obligations in relation to the preservation of evidence and any later disclosure of documents that is ordered by the Courts. This is especially important where there is electronic documentation and our team will advise you on the special rules applicable.

There may be foreign elements to the dispute that require additional advice to be provided. Shulmans LLP is a member of the international legal network, Interlegal. Our team is therefore able to draw on legal expertise from around the world.

Whatever the nature of the dispute, our team will support and advise you so that you can make informed, strategic decisions on how or whether to proceed.

If our dispute is complex should we just walk away?

All disputes can seem overwhelming, causing stress and incurring expense, particularly so where disputes are complex and high value. It may be that you are already involved in litigation in which case our team will advise on how to strategically manage this, or to try a reach an appropriate settlement.

Equally, we are regularly instructed well before litigation is contemplated. This allows us to provide you with your options and your prospects of success. The important thing is that you are able to make informed decisions in relation to you case, and our team will ensure that you receive the appropriate expert advice as early as possible in the process.

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