Debtor Research and Reports

Sara Souyave, who leads our debt recovery team, explains more about this service.

What sort of reports and research do you mean?

Efficiency is an essential element of the debt recovery process and it is important to avoid spending time and cost pursuing debt that may be difficult or impossible for you to recover. Much depends, for example, on the financial status of your debtor, the assets they hold, etc.

As part of our bespoke debt recovery strategy for you, we can include a pre-action assessment model within the workflow – in other words, we will find out in advance as much information about your debtor as possible, so we can make an educated decision as to whether to recommend to you that you invest in litigation proceedings or, on the contrary, cease action to avoid spending further money where there may be no return.

How can this approach benefit us?

The information that we can obtain will enable us to make an informed decision about how or whether to pursue the debtor and, if we do decide to do so, which available solution would be the most effective to employ in order to maximise your return.

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