Cashflow Management

We asked Sara Souyave, who leads the debt recovery team, to answer some of your questions on how to improve your cashflow.

How can you help my business improve cashflow?

At its simplest, the more money that you are owed by customers then the less cash you will have available to invest in your business.

This doesn’t mean that all of your customers are bad debtors – they may just be late payers whom you will want to retain while at the same time ensuring that they pay their bills as quickly as possible.

Our team will work with you to design a strategy that fits with your business and with the way in which you manage your customer relationships.

Some of our customers aren’t just late payers – they don’t seem to want to pay at all – what can we do?

You are entitled to recover any money that is owed to you. This is often – indeed more usually – achieved by negotiation and avoiding court action (although we can build court action into the strategy where this becomes necessary).

Crucially, we will agree an approach and cost structure with you in advance and then support you (and your in-house credit control function) through the process to the point where your debt is recovered.

You will be allocated a dedicated case handler who will keep you informed of progress. You may also wish to utilise  our online portal to access comprehensive details about all your debt recovery matters – this is a real time, added value service which will make it possible for you to  anticipate and manage your cashflow effectively.

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