Data Protection & Privacy

Shulmans’ Commercial team aren’t overnight GDPR experts (a breed of ‘expert’ we’ve seen emerge over the last couple of years)!

Ours is a team of pragmatic, experienced lawyers who have worked in the areas of data protection, privacy and cyber security for years; some of them since the old Data Protection Act 1998 first came into effect more than 20 years ago! They are data protection specialists who can really tailor their approach to help your organisation find the way forward on its GDPR and privacy journey.

The Commercial team’s work on data protection and privacy encompasses the following key areas:

  • data breach management;
  • subject access requests;
  • risk assessments to evaluate current compliance and steps to improvement;
  • data sharing and processing agreements;
  • international data transfers;
  • policy and procedure drafting and development;
  • support for Data Protection Officers and other data protection managers/handlers; and
  • training and compliance management.

What clients say about the Commercial team

“Probably the best session on GDPR I have attended in the last 18 months, both reassuring and informative. Great to see GDPR covered without the urban legends. Thanks to Helen and Joe for a great session.”

“Yesterday we had a GDPR “clinic” with Sarah Briscall and Helen Goldthorpe at Shulmans.  Just wanted you to know it was a great session and really helpful to us as a team. Helen and Sarah were very helpful and really thoughtful and patient presenters.”

Our team

Emma Roe


Head of Commercial

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Mark Lumley


Dispute Resolution & Regulatory

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