There are myriad issues in the modern business world around technology, data, risk, and compliance. These are often confusing and sometimes scary. Our team will help you.

As businesses struggle to keep up with the emerging and constantly changing challenges of operating in a cyber world, we have brought together a team that understands the issues.  We will guide you through these issues and help you to develop a strategy to deal with everything from data protection and security to audit and investigations; from digital security to rapid response actions; and from digital technology and e-commerce to national and international commercial advice and support.

Our approach is simple - we will get to know what is important and challenging for your business and tailor our services to your needs.

Whether your business is at the forefront of technological innovation and delivery, whether you simply want to guard against unauthorised or malicious access to your valuable business information, or whether you need to ensure that you are GDPR or otherwise compliant with regulations, our team can help.

Our core services

Compliance and Regulations

  • Audit & investigations
  • Compliance
  • Anti-bribery issues

Cross Border Business

  • EU/US privacy shield
  • Cross border transfers and international trade


  • Cyber security & data breach
  • Data handling & privacy
  • GDPR compliance

Employee and Director Fraud

  • Preventative employment and contract advice
  • Rapid response and investigations

Strategic, Corporate & Commercial Advice

  • Tech-co acquisition & disposal
  • E-commerce
  • Commercial IT contracts