Commercial Contracts

The Commercial team at Shulmans consists of lawyers who all cover the broad range of commercial contracts which are the backbone of the ongoing development and viability of most organisations.

After all, it is the detail of what gets documented in the commercial contract between parties that can ultimately support a business in its expansion, evidence its valuation as an asset base and enable its pursuit of assertive growth strategies. The importance of lawyers who understand the need to take a pragmatic but risk-managed approach to the level of detail and balance of negotiation when drafting and agreeing commercial contracts should not be underestimated.

The Commercial team’s work on commercial contracts includes the following forms of contracts:

  • Terms and Conditions of Sale (B2B or B2C);
  • Terms and Conditions of Purchase;
  • incorporation of contract terms training;
  • supply and manufacturing agreements;
  • distribution and agency agreements;
  • confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements;
  • consultancy agreements;
  • payment or performance guarantees;
  • heads of terms, letters of intent or memoranda of understanding;
  • settlement arrangements, novation or variation deeds or termination documentation; and
  • services agreements.

What clients say about the Commercial team

“I think [Helen Goldthorpe] struck a really good balance between making sure our Terms and Conditions were specific to us as well as offering her expertise about what she considered best practice - overall this meant I felt I was understood and also in safe hands.” - Tonica CRM & Insight Limited

“The advice we received was clearly explained and the work undertaken on our behalf was both thorough and delivered promptly. Shulmans were attentive to our needs and displayed the highest standards of professionalism.” - Fort Vale Engineering Limited

Our team

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