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Property developers are, by nature, risk takers and often go where others fear to tread! Development property is often acquired in the knowledge that there are significant risks ahead – our team will identify the risks at an early stage and find ways of controlling and eliminating these risks so that a successful strategy is pursued. Simon Jackson, Head of Commercial Property at Shulmans, tells us more about this subject.

What are the risks involved in property development?

There are many potential risks that could mean that you fail to achieve your objective. For example, there may be third party interests affecting the property or rights of way over the property. Equally there may be a lack of access to the property. These are just some of the issues that can make or break a deal. Our team will identify these issues quickly and devise a strategy to deal with them.

I want to make sure that I can achieve maximum value (in terms of rent or return on disposal) from the property.  How can I make sure that this happens?

The key is to future-proof your investment by anticipating the requirements of future occupiers and ensuring that these are addressed at the acquisition/development stage. For example, if the proposed development is retail, we will anticipate and deal with the many legal issues - such as planning conditions - that local authorities tend to impose and with which retail occupiers may struggle.

We are relatively new to property development – does this matter?

Whether you are new to property development or whether property development has been your core business for a long time, our team likes to form a true partnership with clients. This ensures that the path to successful development is as clear as possible and that you are aware of the potential risks from the earliest possible stage, as well as the cost of dealing with these risks.

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