Commercial Landlords and Tenants

The vast majority of property dealings in the commercial sector are to do with leases. Our team can advise you whether you are a landlord/property owner or a tenant.

Our experience of advising both landlords and tenants means that we are aware of the issues likely to slow down the progress of a transaction from both sides of the equation. This means that we can deal with these issues early so that you achieve a fast and well-managed outcome.

Simon Jackson, Head of Commercial Property at Shulmans, tells us more about this subject.

I need to proceed really quickly – can you help with this?

Yes. We find that there are often a number of drivers in a transaction, all of which tend to be focused on a date when a new tenant needs to be in the premises to commence or continue trading. Many transactions can get bogged down dealing with a series of relatively small issues – our team will anticipate and deal with these issues early. This not only leaves plenty of room to deal with the bigger commercial issues, but it also means that the transaction will complete more quickly.

So what are these bigger commercial issues?

This very much depends on the nature of your business and whether you are a landlord or a tenant. Whichever side of the fence you are on, our team will spend time understanding your business objectives – we will make no apology in some cases for being opinionated and for interrogating you remorselessly! We do this for the right reasons: this is designed to ensure that we fully understand what you want to achieve so that we can give you the best possible commercial advice.


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