11 April 2017

Property Leaders’ Forum: Think Big

Head of Planning Amanda Beresford met and debated with industry experts on the topic of tall buildings at a recent leaders’ forum hosted by Insider Media.

A number of pre-planning applications coming through for tall buildings in Leeds has led the city council to revisit its Tall Buildings Design Guide, published in 2010. The forum’s participants gathered to discuss some of the latest proposals for a tall buildings policy.

Commenting on the policy, Amanda said: “To succeed, it needs the city’s buy-in. Now is a great time to be doing it: because of the huge number of pre-apps and developments that we have had going on, you can inform the policy rather than imposing a policy that never works.”

Full details about the discussions can be found in the following report.

With over 20 years’ experience, Amanda Beresford is a specialist solicitor and planner whose expertise encompasses planning appeals, heritage legislation, planning enforcement, planning judicial reviews and legal challenges, Development Consent Orders, Section 106 Agreements, Environmental Assessment, Habitat Regulations Assessment and compulsory purchase.

Amanda and the Shulmans planning team recently coordinated and launched Cllr Johnny Hayes' judicial review against proposed plans for the building of a new visitor centre on the mound of Clifford’s Tower.