25 August 2016

The loopholes of the GIG economy

The business environment is constantly changing. A new trend has emerged recently, of organisations and businesses outsourcing their labour needs by contracting with independent workers on a short-term, flexible basis. We call this the ‘GIG economy’.

A recent study has predicted that, by 2020, 40% of US workers would be self-employed, a trend which is fuelled by the growth of companies such as AirBnB. Soon the GIG economy will extend to other parts of the world, including the UK.

This, obviously, is not without problems. Where do those independent workers stand with regards to employment rights and benefits? Can they demand to be treated as full-time employees, and enjoy benefits such as employment security?

Ian Dawson, Head of Employment at Shulmans LLP, examines what this means for companies like AirBnb in an article published by Lawyer Monthly. Excerpts from this article can be found here.