08 September 2015

Acas issues new guides on discrimination

Employers will welcome three new guides from Acas to help them comply with discrimination laws.

The new guides are comprehensive, and include best practice guidelines. They are:

  • Equality and Discrimination: Understand the basics, outlining fundamentals of what employers, employees and employees' representatives need to know to comply with equality law
  • Prevent Discrimination: Support equality, which explains where discrimination is most likely to arise in the workplace and how to stop it happening
  • Discrimination: What to do if it happens - a step-by-step guide covering how an employee should raise a complaint of discrimination and how an employer should handle it


Download the new guides from the Acas website.

If you have any queries regarding this topic, or want to know how this could affect your business, please contact Alan Kennedy on 0113 297 7718 or at akennedy@shulmans.co.uk.