17 January 2018

Shulmans attends Property Leaders' Forums

During 2017 members of our Real Estate team took part in the following Property Leaders' Forums, which were organised by Yorkshire Business Insider.   

Think big - Amanda Beresford
Amanda Beresford, Head of Planning, attended the first Property Leaders’ Forum of the Year, which took place at Indigo Planning’s offices.  Leading members of the property community met to discuss the emerging market for tall buildings in Leeds, in particular changing priorities, the impact of high-rise and market realities.     

Place-making and the flight back to the cities – Rosemary Edwards
Key figures from the Yorkshire commercial property industry attended ‘Place-making and the flight back to the cities,’ a Property Leaders’ Forum event which was held at CJCT Studios in Leeds.  The focus of the meeting was to discuss the growing importance of place-making in commercial property development.

Short leases & open ambitions – Simon Jackson
Simon Jackson from our Commercial Property team chaired a discussion on the topic of Occupational Requirements, which explored the changing needs of occupiers.  Leaders from across the Yorkshire property sector deliberated a number of topics relating to the changing needs and patterns of use in commercial buildings, including co-working hubs and flexible working.

Joining up the dots – Andrew Latchmore
The last Property Leaders’ Forum reviewed transport connectivity between towns, cities and employment centres in the north of England.  The panel discussed how projects such as HS2 would improve infrastructure across the city region and reduce commuting time between Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester.


Photo credit: Jonathan Jacobs for Insider Media