30 August 2016

Our Vacation Placement Scheme is a resounding success

The Shulmans Vacation Placement Scheme (VPS) is a two-week work placement undertaken by candidates as part of their application to obtain a training contract with the firm. The participating students spend each of their two weeks in a specific department: corporate & commercial, commercial property, residential development, property support (which consists of planning, construction and property management & litigation) or dispute resolution.

Competition for places is fierce, and candidates are not guaranteed to be awarded a training contract at the end of their placement.

The Shulmans VPS usually takes place during the months of July or August.

Two groups of aspiring students recently completed their VPS with us. It was an overall success, with the students commenting very positively on the quality of the work they were assigned to do, the responsibilities they were given despite their lack of experience, and the availability and friendliness of everyone at Shulmans.

Here is some of the feedback that the students gave at the end of their placement:

“This VPS has been better than I expected. I had not expected to be so involved, or for colleagues to be so welcoming, including the partners. I got to meet a wide range of people.”

“I worked with one of the partners on a few BD projects she was doing; she listened to my input, took it seriously; a lot of firms wouldn’t do that.”

“I’ve enjoyed the networking lunches: these were a good introduction to the firm. These lunches gathered at least 15 partners, which is a good turnout for a Monday afternoon. The partners engaged with us, they told us a lot about the management of the firm, its values, etc.”

“I have learned so much during this VPS: where I might fit in at the firm, what type of work all the different departments do, etc.”

“Wellington Place is a great environment. There is a trendy café downstairs, a regular ice cream van, activities all year round, etc. The location is easy to get to, so close to the train station. There is plenty of car parking around.”

“I didn’t expect so much communication with the partners. It’s quite unusual in a law firm. It gives you a feel of what it would be like to work here. I have done VPS schemes in other law firms; in none of these places did I meet all the partners like at Shulmans, I didn’t get to know anyone apart from the people who I sat with.”

“This VPS at Shulmans is hard work, but challenging and rewarding.”

“What I have gleamed from my brief time at Shulmans is that everyone at the firm is professional and approachable, which is what I would want as a client. I managed a business for 10 year before switching to law, so I have a fair amount of experience of corporate solicitors, and I can honestly say that I would have no problem recommending Shulmans to my other colleagues in the industry.”

“I was privileged, in the 1st week, to be sat near Tim Halstead [the firm’s Managing Partner]. It was a great experience to see how he deals with colleagues and also with a busy agenda – client calls, transactions –, which he manages to do in a nice way. It was inspirational. That was one of the highlights of the VPS for me.”

“By offering me the chance to work in a non-contentious department, Shulmans has changed what I ultimately want to do: I still love litigation, but I really like non-contentious work as well.”

“I think the teamwork at Shulmans is very good; all the departments are interlinked and work together really well.”

Further details about our VPS and training contracts can be found in the ‘Careers’ section of our website.