14 December 2017

HS2 comes North

Slowly but surely plans for HS2 phase 2, reaching up to Manchester and Leeds, are beginning to clarify and crystallise.  The final route is somewhat behind phase 1.  Phase 1 has received royal assent and the route is final.  Plans for phase 2 are still only in draft but are expected to change very little if at all.
Owners and occupiers along the route will be interested to know the detail and we regard appropriate searches as an essential part of the due diligence we should do for prospective buyers, sellers and tenants.  The site of the line, and land within a kilometre of it is potentially affected initially by construction and subsequently by use.  On a wider view the presence of the line is likely to bring long term threats or opportunities to the surrounding regions.  There is a comprehensive government website dealing with these aspects at https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/high-speed-two-limited
The legal issues likely to be involved in many aspects of HS2 are something on which we will be very able and pleased to advise.