21 November 2017

The Digital Economy Act 2017 and the Electronic Communications Code - are you prepared?

The Digital Economy Act 2017 introduces a new electronic communications code which will give telecommunications operators the right to take property owners before the courts if they refuse to allow them to install mobile phone masts and other telecommunications equipment on their property.

The code is expected to come into effect in December 2017 and property owners, investors, developers and managers need to be aware of this change to the law and the serious impact this may have on the rights of property owners.

The new code seeks to increase the powers granted to network operators to act against the wishes of property owners with electronic communications apparatus on their property by seeking to deploy the provisions of the code against them.  The legislation is untested and complex and therefore it is important that any property owners review their agreements in the light of this legislation, assess potential risks or issues and seek advice as to how it may impact on their property and any income generated from telecommunications equipment going forward. 

Over the coming months, as the code comes into effect, we will be publishing further details on this legislation along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Our team is always pleased to have an initial discussion with any property owner who is thinking of permitting the siting of communications apparatus on their property or who has an issue with equipment already installed. To discuss this further, or to arrange a meeting, please contact a member of our experienced team