01 September 2016

3D printing: advancing at an exponential rate

3D printing is a new, exciting technological development that is now available widely to businesses and consumers alike, with an increasing number of material being able to be printed.

As the manufacturing process involved in 3D printing becomes cheaper and easier, so does the potential for designs and items to be copied. Owners need to be aware of the number of intellectual property rights which potentially apply to 3D printing, and a proactive approach to the management of these rights is essential.

In article published by Intellectual Property Magazine, Shulmans’ Head of IP Rob Lucas outlines the various IP rights which might apply, what the potential risks are, how IP owners can protect themselves, and the possible implications of Brexit.

For any further information about intellectual property matters, please contact Rob Lucas on 0113 297 8941 or at rlucas@shulmans.co.uk.