Legal Kick Start: Getting the Foundations Right

OverviewThis free half-day seminar will give you an overview of the legal matters that really matter in your start-up journey.
Time & Date11 July 2019 - 9:30am
AddressShulmans LLP
Address Line 1: 10 Wellington Place
City: Leeds
Postcode: LS1 4AP

This half day event aims to help start-ups establish strong legal foundations. Part of the AD:VENTURE Business Support Programme, Legal Kick Start: Getting the Foundations Right is delivered by Shulmans and is free to attend. Click here to register.

Event overview

Legal requirements can seem daunting when you make that decision to start-up. This is true for many, but the fact is that to operate legally, and to protect your business interests, they can’t be avoided.

The good news is, they are much easier to manage if you understand your obligations sooner rather than later.

If you take the time to understand the basics at the outset it’s really not as scary as it seems, and you can make informed decisions on what the right approach is for you and your business.

The event will cover:

Contract formation

Contracts form the bedrock of the business world. Avoid the potential for unwanted legal landslides by understanding how enforceable contracts are formed, and how to manage them throughout their lifetime.


Taking on your first members of staff is a major commitment. This step on your business’ journey can be daunting and it has even been known to make or break a start-up. We’ll talk you through some of the key terms of employment and ways to navigate the hazards that catch many new employers out.

Data Protection

Much has been published in recent times about changes to data protection law – some of it useful, and some downright nonsense.

As a start-up or scale-up business, you will be developing your databases, considering your marketing approach and creating new business and customer relationships, all of which are likely to involve you handling personal data. Whatever your size, this session will help you understand your data protection responsibilities and will also explain how to approach producing the key documentation that your business requires. It will also provide an overview of how to handle issues like subject access requests and personal data breaches.

Intellectual Property

It’s essential to protect your Intellectual Property, and a common mistake for start-ups is to create ideas without understanding how to protect them. We’ll explain the different types of IP, how it arises and what you can do to protect it.