What Our Colleagues Think

The real evidence of our commitment to staff can be found in our colleagues’ opinion of us as an employer. Many of our colleagues enjoy it so much they have remained with us for many years.

Below are just a few of the comments that have been received from those interviewed, recently and over the years, by independent assessors from both the IIP award and the Lexcel standard:

"It is a fabulous firm to work for. If you work hard and do well, you are easily recognised. There is a lot of internal progression and they are very good at sharing rewards."

"I was really impressed, when I joined, with the things the partnership are prepared to do for employees. They mean it, are sincere, generous and caring."

"All the partners work together collaboratively. I have always felt, since being a trainee, that there is a lot of stability here financially and through leadership."

"The level and quality of work far exceeds what I was hoping for and I have a lot more responsibility than other trainees I speak to."

"I have been very impressed how the firm is run as an organisation, the intent behind the management of the firm, and impressed with the quality of the recruitment process."

"The Managing Partner is very approachable and you can ask him about anything. The firm is extremely transparent and you can see all the figures, there is so much information."

"There is such a personal touch here. The solicitors are very approachable and the firm is very accomodating to your needs. You can very much influence the seats you want to do and the vacation scheme is very useful."

“Shulmans will appeal to talented lawyers who want both a work/life balance and high quality work.”

“I have learnt more in 12 months than I did in 3 years elsewhere.”

“My boss is great, I get lots of support and they are always there for me.”

“I can honestly say I get lots of feedback - I know where I stand and I feel appreciated.”

“They give you a lot of information about how the firm has done and its future plans, which is really interesting.”

“Here you are a person, an individual with your own skills and development needs. It is a people place and your opinion counts. There is a collegiate spirit and democratic respect for employees and it is a very honest place to work.”

“Shulmans is very friendly, everyone knows your name and there is a really good team atmosphere. I have noticed how approachable the partners are and this has increased since we became open plan, plus there is a lot more cross-department chat.”

“Career progression follows your performance and I was confident that there were opportunities to make the most of my abilities here.”

“From joining I had a clear indication of my career path and expectations. An attraction is not being a commodity; it is about the long term. It is a pleasant environment and a very inclusive culture.”

“Supervision was very good before the move [to Wellington Place]. It is even better now, more immediate.”