Pricing our legal services - a client-centric approach.

Our Pricing Philosophy

Our goal is to ensure that, however a particular matter plays out, our clients feel they have had good value for money and no surprises!

Our approach to pricing sets us apart from many other law firms.

We recognise that a traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach to the pricing of legal services fails to appreciate the factors which clients would prefer are part of the pricing process. It is clear to us that clients want to see from their lawyers:

  • more pricing and payment options;
  • greater client involvement and engagement in the pricing aspect of the relationship;
  • greater pricing transparency;
  • greater pricing certainty and budgetary predictability - a 'no-surprises' policy;
  • greater correlation between price on the one hand and the perceived value of the results achieved on the other hand;
  • greater price risk sharing between our clients and us.

What this means for our clients:

  • we will seek to establish priorities in terms of: pricing choice; pricing certainty; pricing linked to results; fee risk sharing; payment choice;
  • we will develop pricing and possibly payment choices for clients to select from;
  • we will document the arrangement so that there is clarity as to the scope of our engagement and any assumptions and exclusions that may apply.

How to seek some pricing proposals from us

Our pricing proposals are tailored to the issues that are important to our clients.  We therefore take the opportunity to understand our clients and the work they want us to do and the timescale in which it needs to be done.  This allows us to ensure that our clients receive the pricing choices that are most appropriate to them. We do welcome discussions to ensure that our clients are comfortable with the pricing options selected and are clear about the work which will be undertaken for them.

Regulatory requirements on pricing of legal services

We have set out above the principles we apply to the pricing of our services. The SRA Transparency Rules 2018 (Rules) require firms like ours to publish cost information in relation to some specific services which we offer.  The information we give in compliance with the requirements of the Rules may provide details of the average cost or range of costs applicable to particular services.  We will however be pleased to discuss each matter on an individual basis in order to provide clients and prospective clients with the benefit of our approach to the pricing of our services which we have set out above.

Below we set out links to other pages which provide the information required by the Rules: