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We seek to protect your rights and interests with anything relating to branding and intellectual property.

Legal services specifically tailored to the music and entertainment industries

The music and entertainment industries have developed their own particularities, practices and terminology. There is also often a requirement for discretion when dealing with high-profile individuals and their management.

Our multidisciplinary team has the skills and knowledge to assist you in a complex and competitive business to ensure your commercial objectives are achieved.

Examples of cases where we have assisted businesses and individuals include:

  • An international fragrance producer for its deals with sports stars, artists and celebrities;
  • A UK-based musician in respect of song ownership and royalties;
  • A UK-based manager when an artist secured a record deal with Robbins Entertainment;
  • A UK-based musician ending a management contract and sunset provisions;
  • A UK business arranged for a group to perform in Spain;
  • A UK-based sub-publisher acquiring rights;
  • A production company in respect of the rights to a television series;
  • An animation company in respect of the creation of a feature film, series and computer game.

We provide expert advice in the following areas:

Further information about our services can be found on our Intellectual Property pages.

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