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Our construction team regularly runs seminars at our Leeds offices and across the country. Below is a list of some of these seminars, with links to the presentations that were given.

Please click on the title of the seminar to download the related presentation.

Getting paid and on time - Aimed at contractors, sub-contractors and consultants, this seminar provided insight into making sure payments will be made, covering topics including contractual mechanisms for payment, claims for payment, how to secure payment and the latest updates on the relevant case law.

This seminar focused on the following areas:

  • How to secure payment under JCT and NEC contracts;
  • Being aware of and using the most recent case law to your advantage;
  • Payment provisions: the rights to payment, adequate payment mechanisms, payment notices, payless notices and suspension;
  • Payment security: letters of intent, project bank accounts, escrow accounts and direct payments;
  • Claims for payment, contractual claims and adjudications;
  • Insolvency: how to protect against insolvency, Performance Bonds and Parent Company Guarantees.

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