11 March 2017

Leeds “is a dynamic and exciting place to work”

The Leeds City Region “is an appealing place to live and work”, says Amanda Beresford, partner and Head of Planning at Shulmans LLP.

According to Amanda, the Leeds region’s business arena is strong, diverse and vibrant, and is the hub of many multinational global companies. There is a real sense of collaboration within the community, with organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce and the HS2 and Northern Powerhouse proposals, and new developments are springing up on a regular basis.

One of the major advantages of the city is that high-quality professional services are provided at cost-effective rates compared to other areas of the country. Moreover, businesses and organisations can tap into a significant and innovative talent pool, available at the region’s many universities.

Finally, Leeds and the wider Yorkshire region are equally extremely attractive outside of work, beaming with historical, artistic, cultural and entertaining delights.

Amanda’s full blog can be read online on the Leeds City Region’s website.