31 March 2017

Our first Clothes Drop Day of the year

We will be running another one of our popular ‘clothes drop’ days next week, Tuesday 4 April 2017.

Colleagues are encouraged to have a rummage through their wardrobes and drawers, and bring in all of their old or unwanted items of clothes, shoes and textiles (curtains, bedding, etc.) for collection in the office.

Donations can be in the form of items that are in a good enough condition to be re-sold, or items that have ‘had their day.’

Our charity of the year, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, have partnered with Bag It Up (https://biugroup.co.uk/charity/) in order to raise funds. Bag It Up will collect the donations and resell them to markets in the UK and overseas. Yorkshire Air Ambulance will receive money from Bag It Up, based on the total weight of the donations.

For any further information on how you can help raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, please visit their website.